Indeed Fancy Gadam Is Greedy-Dj Bat Supports Maccasio

Zaa Radio presenter/Disc Jockey ,Amidu Abdul Rahim seconds Maacasio for saying Fancy Gadam is greedy.

After post few minutes ago about Fancy Gadam and Maccasio new Beef,Dj Bat reacted to it with a supporting comment to Maccasio:

Bat took it to his own Facebook timeline to add more to what Maccasio said,according him on reality bases,Fancy Gadam is full of greed.
He on further to asked Fancy Gadam what he has done ever since he was chosen as the Tourism artist.

Greediness is his second name , if u know,u know ,..
We should stop jokes and talk reality.tell us what u did since u where crowned as northern tourism ambassador since last two years.. the foolishness I can remember is you wearing smock in America at the US Ghana music awards as an ambassador for tourism representing northern region…
Optional king is far better than u self in-terms of promoting the northern culture💪💪
Now they gave it to ur brother Maccasio and u went out ranting to snatch back when in actual sense u did nothing last year???
Anyway He won’t give it back.but we will still watch u very close to see it that u do what u supposed to do after all is our tax payers money that was used to paying you last year….. Mr.Latifu, u will only cry but u won’t get it back never again.kaasa👌👌😂😂😂” Dj Bat writes